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1We can help you regain your natural sense of balance. We’re experienced with clients ranging from the physically ill , people who lead stressed lives, first time clients, and athletes. Our bodywork is uniquely tailored to your needs; it is not a spa routine. We listen to your preferences and body as we work with the intention of healing; we accommodate your needs for a better health.


2Our full service Pompano Beach Massage Spa is open 6 days a week by appointment. We have a licensed massage therapist, chiropractor, acupuncture physician, skin, hair and nail technicians on staff to help you.We are aslo available for mobile services by appointment in the Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade County, down to South Beach, Miami.


3We suggest a 24 hours in advance booking. Limited same day appointments may be available. Third floor and above require an elevator for service. We will arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled time to set-up. Please be available at the time of your appointment. Your Health is Your Wealth!

  • 151 031509 Genny Massaging The Chest Good

    Heal yourself!

    Can you heal yourself? The answer is yes! However it takes time, effort and patience to do it. First you must understand what is the cause of the problem. Get in touch with your own body’s ability to heal. Are you ready to heal yourself? [...]

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  • Berries


    Berries are absolutely wonderful sources of nutrients for our skin. Berries are antioxidant & anti-aging properties. It helps maintain a young & radiant complexion by fighting cell-damaging free radicals that harm & age the skin. The darker the berry the more bioflavonoids or antioxidant according [...]

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  • Jon Pain

    Your pain solution without surgery or drugs!

    Your pain solution without surgery or drugs! At Gen Spa, we have treated many people for so many years. We have experienced and seen many pain sufferers try other forms of natural healing to avoid surgery but to find no results. The good news is [...]

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  • Wrist

    Wrist Pain

    Wrist pain is a very common complaint. Wrist pain can be caused by sprain or fractures and also can be caused repetitive stress, carpal tunnel syndrome & arthritis. Treatment :  GenerosaPPPT from Gen Spa is easy and no side effect from any drugs. The concept [...]

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  • Hippo Quote

    Pills and your body

    When you have some sort of pain, what do you do? Many people’s first resource is to take an over the counter pill to alleviate the first symptoms of any pain, although most do not pay attention to the large list of contra-indications and side-effects [...]

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